Center for Financial and Budgetary Consulting and Analysis


The Centerwas created on decision of the Senate of the AESM dated on March 23rd 2011 and by the Rector of the AESM’s Order nr.51-A dated on April 1st 2011.

The Center'smissionis to enhance and promote theoretical and practical skills in public and private finance through:

consulting, training, retraining and perfecting specialists in various national economy spheres, knowledge adjusting to the legal changes;financial analysis services done for institutions and enterprises from public, corporate, banking, stock exchange and insurance sectors.


The Center is createdwith the view to:

support social and economic development of theRepublic ofMoldova;develop financial relations at any level and any sphere;contribute to the formation of specialists in financial area and support them in professional improvement;foster collaboration between Economic Studies Academy of Moldova and other higher education institutions from theRepublic ofMoldova and abroad, as well as professional environment;facilitate experience exchange among specialists in financial area.


To achieve its goals the Center:
• organizes conferences, seminars, trainings, courses, roundtables, exhibitions, interviews with topics related to the Centre’s activity;
• collaborates, establishes and develops contacts with republican and international governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the domain of development and solving problems related to the Centre’s tasks;
• concludes and executes contracts to carry out financial and budgetary consultancy and analysis services with national and international governmental and nongovernmental enterprises and institutions;
• hires experts and consultants for carrying out consultancy and financial and budgetary analysis services;
• creates and promotes the Center's web page;
• creates database regarding enterprises and institutions from the Republic of Moldova and abroad, which are subject to financial analysis;
• collaborates with other similar organizations and centers.


To exercise its powers and carrying out specific duties in order to seek trends in public and private finance, without expressing any interest of groups (ethnic, political, religious, etc.), theCentre cooperates with:

Ministry of Finance,National Bank ofMoldova,Ministry of Economy,National Commission of Financial Market,National Bureau of Statistics,Principal State Tax Inspectorate,Customs Service,Commercial banks,foundations,NGOs,Moldovan and foreign universities,legal persons of public and/or private power,individuals.


The Center is open tovarious forms of cooperationwith institutionally similar organizations, government institutions and organized groups of public pressure, which correspond to the Center’s values and goals.


Center staffconsists of:
• Director;
• Coordinators of projects / programs – depending on the volume and importance of services rendered;
• teaching staff, consultants, experts in Center’s profile areas – depending on needs and services rendered;
• support personnel.

The Centre will enable teachers from and outside of the ESAM.

Units of consulting and analysis and those responsible for management of the Centre's core activities are divided into following areas:
• Public Finance;
• Corporate Finance;
• Banking;
• Financial markets;
• Insurance.

In case of necessity, there can be formed joint units that include teaching staff, researchers, doctoral, master degree and graduate students, auxiliary stafffrom various subdivisions from the ESAM.